Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Knitting for the Wee Ones

You still have sometime to knit for those little ones, they are small and you have a week til Christmas!

Baby Mittens - In all kinds of yarns from fingering to sport and beyond

Saartje Booties - These are so darn cute

Peapod - A friend knit one to look like a Santa suit

Barnyard Finger Puppets - Seriously quick knits and so much fun to play with

Baby Surprise - This would be so cute knitted up like Santa with white fun fur for the neck, arms and bottom of the coat

Blocks - Knit them out of all kinds of colors, perfect for little hands to stack and knock down

Hobby Horse - I am so knitting this for Miss Mona Lisa for next Christmas

Elefante - What a wonderful toy to knit for that wee one

And from this book, I just want to knit them all!

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