Monday, December 02, 2013

Looking At the Calendar

We all knew last week that this would happen.  We knew that when next we looked at the calendar, it would be December.  One of the things I really noticed is that if you are knitting for friends or co-workers, you really only have about 18 days until you need to have them finished wrapped and gifted to them.

I have pared down my gift giving at work the last few years.  At one time I knitted fishermen scarves for those in my area.  I think that was about 14 or 15 of them.

Then the next year, I knit little Santa boot like covers for everyone and put candy in them.

A year later I decided to knit just for the ladies.  I knitted them all Christmas colored washcloths and wrapped pretty molded soaps inside them.

This year I am just down to two gifts for the ladies that I supervise.  I have not knitted anything for them in a few years, but decided this year to knit them both a Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West out of some fairly fine yarn.  Even with just two of them to do, I am starting to sweat having them done before the 20th of December!

Before we  leave the subject of the calendar, I want to share a website with you.  Every year, Drops does a advent calendar where every day you click on a picture and there is a free holiday pattern.  Yesterdays pattern was a super cute stocking which so goes with yesterdays blog post.

I love this site.  Drops Advent Calendar

It is so much fun to unwrap each days pattern, enjoy!

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