Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

I always thought that I would one day have a huge house and I could do a Christmas tree in every room.  I would have my Snoopy tree in the family room, each of the boys would have their own tree in their bedrooms with their ornaments that grandmas had given them every year, in our living room would be a tree with my ornaments and in the Yarn Room, I would have my tree with all my handmade  ornaments.

But as we have scaled down, I just put up this one little tree now with some of my craft related ornaments.

Some of them I have had for quite a few years and would be easy to duplicate.  This was probably my first foray into an ornament.  Very rudimentary to say the least.  I cut apart the plastic holders that six pack of soda bottles come in.  Took my handy dandy crochet hook and green yarn and single crocheted all around it.  Then, wove the yarn in and out and created this goofy little bow.  This one has to be at least 35 years old.

One year, the Tall Guy's cousin sent us this granny square she had crocheted, folded in half diagonally and sewn shut, voila a stocking!

In between crochet and knitting, I spent a few years smocking.  I did not have girls to smock for so I decided to pursue other things that could be smocked.  I particularly liked smocking fabric that did not require too much finishing like this strip of scalloped edge lace.

Once I learned how to make these really cool pin bows on the ends to cover the top and bottoms of the stryofoam ball, I went wild.  I think most people in my family got smocked ornaments one year.

When I ventured back into knitting again, after my stint in smocking, one of local yarn shop was big into machine knitting.  The owner did a lot of knitting for a major mail order company and on the side she made these super cute ornaments on her machine.  I just had to have some for my tree.

Of course, I had to have this one form my tree, just because it looked like Snoopy.

A friend a few years ago gifted me this sweater ornament for my tree.  This would be so easy to duplicate for your tree or packages.

  Two years ago, I was telling one of the shop owners how I love the ornaments she had hanging from her light and how I secretly coveted one.  When I got home that day, there in my sack was an ornament all wrapped up in tissue.  How cool and thoughtful was that?!

I just love scoping out ornaments that relate to my knitting, always on the lookout for more.  Someday, it is my dream to have a knitting shop and at Christmas, place a larger tree with all my knitting related ornaments on, add some knitted garland, a knitted tree skirt with all kinds of knitted gifts.

Hey, I can dream, thats what the season is all about!

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