Thursday, December 05, 2013

Holiday Movies

There is nothing better when it is chilly outside to sit inside in my fave chair with my knitting and watching some Holiday movies.  I am sure in the coming weeks, I will have plenty of time to do just that, maybe this weekend even.

It is interesting how many of these are not the real current movies that are out, but some that were actually around way before I was born.

I remember my Mom and I taking the boys to see The Muppet Christmas Carol in the theater.  It was probably the first time they had been to one.  As I recalled, they were not too impressed with it, but I loved.  Light the light, not the tail is one of my fave lines from it.

Whats not to love about  A Charlie Brown Christmas?!  Every time it comes on, I watch it.

I totally love the original A Christmas Carol.  Very rarely, do you ever see this one on anymore.  I remember when the kids were fairly young, we would come home from the Tall Guy's family Christmas on Christmas Eve and put the kids to bed.  He would go off to bed, and I would stay up and watch this.  I may have to actually seek out my own copy of this one.

Another fave that I actually own is the Holiday.  It is just a nice light hearted movie where the guy gets the gal twice.

Holiday Inn, what can I say.  Bing and Fred.  And nope, I don't have this one either, but I love it when it is on.

Another from my collection, what can I say, I am a sucker for feel good movies with happy endings.

My fave book as a kid turned into a movie.  I like the old version and have NEVER watched nor will I watch the new version.   I have this one, but whenever it is on regular t.v., I watch it then too.

And last but not least, White Christmas.  Yep, I own this but on tape.  I love love it.

These are my faves, what about you?

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Kristen said...

Love this time of year when we can revisit out old favorites!