Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sunday Start Over

You know what I am NOT doing today?  I am not thinking about Christmas or Christmas knitting.  Because I have given  myself permission to not knit anything more for Christmas gifts.  Today, is all about me and my knitting.

After obsessing over my yarn for all of last night, that I acquired yesterday, I have put it away into the largest of my Willow Yarns bag and am setting it aside for now.

Today, I am concentrating on what I want to knit next as far as a sweater. And what I have decided is that whatever it is to be, it cannot  be the latest fad (although I really want to knit something out of my new book I just got in the mail) or whatever anyone else knitting.

What it has to be is something that is going to look good on me and not just a sweater.  So, out came a couple of my fave books this morning to peruse and to narrow down what I should knit that looks good on me.

Amy Herzog has a couple of things on her plate lately, first the book which has some great info for all body types with patterns that our geared towards those body types.  The only problem for me is that the ones in the book are not really ones that are saying knit me!  The other is a Custom Fit Website where you can create a pattern for yourself using your measurements.  I did a test pattern for myself and this is definitely something I will take a second look at down the road.

She does have a pattern in The Rhinebeck Sweater book that I would love to knit, but I am saving that for early Spring wearing, plus some of that yarn I got yesterday would really work for it.

It seems to be very hard for me to figure out my next project after finishing one.  I should just go into the yarn room and pull one down that is in progress.  Just think of all the time I would save by doing that!

Sometimes half the fun of knitting is dreaming about the new project.

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