Friday, August 09, 2013

Finally Finished Friday

A new feature, well at least for this week.  I've got a couple of finished objects to show you.  And way before the baby's birth in November.   My hair dresser is having a boy and I wanted to something special for her.

The Ensemble.  Both pretty quick knits, which I totally love and I am pleased with the way they go together!

The pea pod.  I am telling you, these things are so super quick.  This one from AslanTrends Lecco was cast on, knit, and bound off in one day.  They are so stinking cute and everybody loves them!

The worst part?  Finding the dang buttons for it.  They had to be fairly big and go with the pod.  And not so darn expensive, but I would have settled for just some decent buttons.  I am telling you, I really want to investigate having a little hallway in a yarn shop that has decent buttons that you can buy onesies and twosies out of!

The blankie is from the new 60 Quick Baby Afghan Book from Cascade.  This book was selling off of the shelves at the shop and I have several that I want to knit on.  Just need the babies to knit for.  Mine is done out of Pacific.  This is doubled and this is so darn soft and cuddly.

One strand is the same throughout and is a lovely light aqua, the others are variations of blue held with it throughout the rest of the afghan.  It is knit and seed and was a great project to work on at night.  I loved seeing what the next color would look like while knitting.  There were a couple that I wasn't too sure of.  The first looked really good and then when it came time for the next color, I thought it looked really dark.  But by the time I was done, I liked the way I had almost randomly did a great mix.

The final color was a light blue, but when paired with the aqua, it turned a lovely lavender.  Surprised me!

I am so pleased with this ensemble.  Later this weekend, I'll block both pieces and they will be good to go for my Wednesday appointment.

Now, what unfinished object in a bag should be for next Friday?!

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