Sunday, August 25, 2013

House Shopping

Today, we went to see the first of several houses that are on our list.

The first one was outside of town and I went along just to appease the Tall Guy.  Thank goodness, he removed it almost right after we went into the garage.  No basement, only a crawl space, lots of gaps here and there and the backyard-an almost deal breaker for me -  butts up to a know what the means.  The kitchen and  living room were really open and the dining room wasn't bad either.  But, it needed some updates in the bathroom and like I said before no basement struck it from the list almost from the get go.

The second was a brand new house.  I was in love the minute I walked in.  Big open spaces with living room, dining room and kitchen all right there.  Main floor closet for washer/dryer.  Nice master with it's own bathroom and walk-in closet.  Two other bedrooms that have closets that would keep spare clothes in one and the yarn collection in the other.  Unfinished basement to do with whatever we want.  I loved  loved it!  Only thing was the cost.  It really was more than my already bumped up figure.  But, I loved it.

The last one was just for fun.  It was on the lake, and there were people just lazying around on their tubes this pretty Sunday.  The windows and back porch went the whole length of the house, which for us was the best part of the house.  The rest we didn't even bother with.

It was an interesting first outing and although I really liked the new house, one has to be eats into the yarn budget big time.

We have two more on the short list that I am going to call about seeing tomorrow.  This house hunting thing is a lot of work.  But thank goodness, we don't have to move tomorrow.  We can take our time til just the right one comes along.  Even though, I am anxious to be somewhere before the snow flies this year.

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Linda said...

Where did I miss why you're moving?