Monday, August 26, 2013

House Shopping Day 2

We decided to look at a house tonight down the street from the brand new house of yesterday.  I had been eyeballing it for sometime.  Nice, cute, house from the outside.  Really cool inside for entertaining.  The end.  The carpet would need to be replaced.  My bathrooms are better than this house.  Basement?  When you walk down and the Tall Guy has to bend his head, it is not good.  Then, you smell the electric candle going and you know there are more problems.  Chopped up and bad flooring and you know what?   My old basement doesn't look as bad as it once did to me.

So, as long as we are in the neighborhood, a mere block away, we go through the new house again.  Can I tell you again that I love it!  So much room, so new and fresh.  So over our price range and not sustainable, considering the taxes, should we decide to retire in five years.

My brain is mush and I am disheartened.  I think I am going to be in my current house til the end.

But, the Tall Guy had a great comeback tonight.  "If" we bought the new house, there would be no need to go out to the shop every weekend, I wouldn't be able to do fun things like that.  Hmmmm, yarn shopping vs big entertaining spaces.

What a perspective!  Out of the mouths of a husband who knows how much I like my yarn!

I think I'll go knit on something, that should help for now.

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