Monday, August 12, 2013

Might As Well

I discovered that I had lost a marker on my Swirl Jacket about 9 welts later.  I left it hibernate for a bit to think it through and see if there is anyway that I could not rip back all that way.  All those rows, all those stitches.  

After a month, I gave it up decided nothing could be done, but pull the needle out and pull it back to the end of welt 5.

But, before I did that, I took my locking pins and placed them where all of the decreases were and where the markers were on the needles.  Then I ripped it back.

It took a while to get the stitches back on the needles.  Thankfully, the diagram in the book, told me not only how many stitches I had in the entire round, but how many stitches I was supposed to have between markers.  What a great lifesaver that was.

As long as I was ripping back, I figured I might just as well rip it back to the start of welt 6 so I could do the condo stitch on that round that I had skipped the first time around.  So, now I am feeling pretty good with my Swirl Jacket that I can continue on.  I may be wearing this one before the year is out!

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