Saturday, August 03, 2013

My Secret Is Out

A few weeks back, I made the mistake of telling knitter friend, Becky how many projects I had on the needles.  She rewarded me today with this t-shirt that she found on her travels up North.  It is so dead on!!  And of course, today, we had a really full house at the shop so she let everyone else in on my secret.  Do you know now why only a select few will ever see my yarn room??

Why do I have so many?   I am not sure how it happened.   It is kind of like having the right black shoe, you know what I mean?  There are flats, there are sandals, there are casual, there are dressy, there are pumps, there are loafers, there are strappy ones, there are super comfy ones and there are ones that just look too good to pass up.  And you want them all, well at least a true shoe fan does.  Case in point, choose any of the Kardashian women, have you seen their shoe closets?

 Frankly, I love casting on and seeing where the pattern is going to look like.  Sometimes, they get finished, other times, they do a little time out until they make their way back into my good knitting graces.  My knitting venues do change and so that may contribute to the many cast on projects.

I've got my purse project.  It always is there no matter where I go.  It is a little shawl out of sock yarn.  I used to have socks all the time, but since this Summer of Shawls, I have got a little shawl going.  You know for those times, when your knitting is somewhere else or there is a bit of a problem with your current knitting and you need something else to work on.

My air condition project or for these cool summer evenings when we sit out after dinner, I've got my Pi Shawl.  It is mindless knitting.  It is getting a bit large so when I am inside and there is no air on, I don't work on it.  This has got to be one of my oldest unfinished projects from around 2008.  It will be finished this Fall!

I've got my car project.  This one lives in the car.  I use it for knitting in construction zones when we are at stand still or when I am at a really long stop light.

My work project.  This is one that only goes to work for the most part.  It is another mindless project so on the rare time when I actually get a lunch I can grab my bag and go outside or upstairs to the cafeteria and do a bit of knitting.

And finally to around out the first five, there is my Knit 4 Together bag.  This knitting sometimes gets some knitting at home, but for the most part is knitting from yarn that I have purchase at Knit 4 Together.  You know my feelings on knitting with yarn at their shop from their shop, so that is why I have this bag of knitting!

I love my t-shirt and I will wear it proudly.  I know there are those who concentrate on one project at a time, and hey, thats okay, but for me what fun would that be?!

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