Sunday, August 04, 2013

I Couldn't Resist

I had a whole different post ready to go today, but by accident when starting to pull up the box to type the blog, I pressed new blog instead.  And I saw some new templates and I thought, what the heck, lets just experiment.  I wasn't super keen on any of them, until out of the side of my eye, I saw this one.  It had all the right colors, so I said lets give it a try.  Best of all, I didn't have to do anything but apply it to my blog and there we have it.

I cannot believe that it is Sunday already!  The weekends go way too fast.  But last week at work went way too fast too.  I finished a project that was not on my massive wip list.  Well, actually, finished knitting it, I am just waiting for the good fairy to come along and sew it together and really finish it.

  Miss Mona Lisa and Baby Boy A are coming home for the weekend, while her Mommy is out of town.  It has been a whole month since we have seen her, and I am sure she is going to be doing all kinds of cool new things.

I am only working four days this week since they are going to be here on Friday.  So, hey maybe this week will be even shorter than last week felt!  Have a good week all.

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