Thursday, August 01, 2013

When Drop Stitches Fall Off of the Needle

Or is that also known as when two worlds collide.  For just a moment tonight I panicked when three of my end stitches popped off the needle of my  Dalyan.

I've had a few times in this sweater that I have had to pull the knitting off of the needles, because the head was not paying attention to what the hands were doing.  Then I would just rip it back to a plain row, because frankly I did not want to take the time to figure out how to fix it in the row after the drop stitch.

It would seem that I should have taken a little time to figure it out, because all they really need to have done to them, is to turn the needles around, pop them back on the needle and knit them.

Voila, the row is fixed and now I can knit on my merry way on the sleeve.

I have to admit I am ready for this sweater to be finished.  I'm getting anxious to move onto something new, but first this thing is  in pieces and will need to be sewed up and finished.  That may take awhile and might not be a pretty sight.

Better have a glass of wine before I am embark on this one!

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