Friday, August 30, 2013

Yarn Tasting

Last night, Knit 4 Together had their first ever Yarn Tasting.  The yarns were all Cascade yarns.  The rep was male, which is okay, but I found it interesting that he doesn't knit, and seriously, I think if you are selling a product, you really should at least use the product.  I just found that very interesting.  I told, friend Sue, that when I retire I would like to be a yarn rep.  I think I would be good at it.

Anyway, the way the Yarn Tasting worked is that after we had drinks and snacks, we got to take little balls of the different yarns and knit with them.  We didn't find out from the rep until the very end that we could have kept our little balls.  Guess he should have said that up front.

I used my size 8 Knit Picks needles throughout my little sampler and just did stockinette.  I found some new to me yarns from Cascade that I most definitely want to use a little more of.  Below, I am going to give you my review of the yarns.  Now mind you, it is my opinion, others had very different opinions on some of them.

From right to left:

1. Hot Pink - 220 Superwash Aran - I loved this one the best I think.  It is a Superwash Merino Wool Aran weight and on a size 8, I loved the feel of it.

2. Black, Gray and White - Pluscious - this is a super soft chenile.  I really liked it and Knit 4 Together has it in several variegates, but my problem is what I would knit with it.  I don't really want to knit any of those lovies or an animal, but knitted up it would feel quite nice to pet.

3. Purple and White - This is Cascade's version of an acrylic - Pinwheel.  It's kind of scratchy and not one that I will ever knit with.

4. The Caribe Blue with flecks - Bentley is an acrylic/superwash wool.  It's okay.  The contrast colors remind me of a rayon type yarn would with it.  I think it might be a bit splitty, but not major.

5.  Blue - This is Sateen and a lot of people loved it.  For me, probably not, it is acrylic and just not me.

6. Orange Variegated - This is Heritage Silk Paints, and I love it, I own some and really didn't need to knit with it last night, but I added it to my swatch anyway.  It was interesting to see what the fine yarn would do on a larger needle.

7. Green, Blue, Cream Variegated - 220 Superwash Sport Multis, another okay, I'd need to knit a bit with it more to really like it.

8.  Red with flecks - Sunseeker.  I bought some of this last year on our knitting getaway in Janesville.  Mine is a darker blue, and I have Dinner in the Eiffel Tower started out of it, but I am not sure that is what it truly wants to be.  The base is a Acrylic/Cotton with the metallic thread running through.  It is pretty soft on a size 8 needle so I may need to play around with mine a bit.  

9. Light Blue on towards the left end - 220 Superwash, a superwash merino wool.  Funny, I don't like it is much as a like the Superwash Aran, but I'll have a chance to knit with it when I knit the Alligator afghan later this Fall.

10. Green on the left end - Alpaca Lana d'Oro.  What can I say it has Alpaca in it and I love anything in Alpaca

All of the prices on the skeins are pretty decent, which makes Cascade Yarns a decent yarn to knit with.    I have been a fan of Cascade 220 forever, but, the 220 Superwash Aran could be a new fave for me from their yarn line.

It was a great Yarn Tasting, I hope they do more of them in the future!

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