Sunday, August 18, 2013

Haunted and Compulsive

and a lot of times obsessed.

I am haunted by my yarn and the quest for just the right pattern for it.  You know how it is.  You obsess over it and spend more time looking at Ravelry then knitting.

 Right after camp, I bought this lovely yarn from Denise over at Lost City Knits.  It is 1000 yards.

Then, when I knew she was going to be at Stitches Midwest, I asked her to bring me another skein of the same yarn, same dye lot.

 For some reason, I thought I was going to need 2000 yards of lace yarn to do a pi or semi pi shawl or some other really cool lacey shawl.  And for about a week now, I have been looking at Ravelry, trying to find just the right pattern.  It would seem 1000 yards would have worked for most of the ones I might want to knit.

But...many years ago at Camp, Joyce Williams had this really cool circular shawl on.
It was from these wonderful books and it really was a table cover, but she knit it to wear as a shawl.

 I fell in love with it and bought a wonderful lace yarn for it and the Saturday market day.  The yarn was once  designated for a wedding shawl for Baby Boy A, which never came to fruition (the shawl not the wedding)

In my search for the right pattern, it has brought me back full circle to the Joyce Williams idea.  But, I have to say, once again, I am spending more time trying to make the right decision on this than I am on knitting.

Right after I finish posting this, I am shutting down the computer, (way too much time is being spent on it) I am going to go into the yarn room and do a little research on what patterns I have, I am going to wind a skein and play with it.  Maybe, in the playing, and my books, I'll come up with something that will get me off of this roller coaster, so some real knitting can be done.  Or maybe, hopefully, it will be one I already have.

But, if you all have suggestions, I would love for you to post them in a comment.  I could use them!

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