Monday, August 05, 2013

Have Fun

Nancy out at Knit 4 Together turned me onto this refreshing drink for Summer.  1/2 ice tea, 1/2 Minute Maid 15 calorie lemonade.  It makes a great switch up to your normal ice tea.  Put it my flip flop Tervis mug and enjoy with some knitting.

My work project is the top down Summer Cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple out of Boku.  Aren't these some great Summer colors?!  And so doable of a knit for yet this Summer.  I am having some fun knitting it and watching the colors make their way out of the skein.

The young gal who does mine and Baby Boy B's hair is having a baby boy in November.  I knew I wanted to knit her something and I started off by knitting a peapod for her. Those things as I have said before are the life of the shower and I still am not 100% sure why.

The afghan I am knitting for her just sort of happened.  There are several in the 60 Quick Baby Blankets book that I want to knit, but an afghan can be a bit of time consuming project.  I have to say this one is not, hence I suppose it being in a book with a title of 60 Quick... 

I am having so much fun with this little afghan, using 5 colors of Cascade Pacific, two strands being held together at a time.  This yarn is so soft and cuddly.  Originally, it was going to be my shop knitting, but right now, I can't seem to put it down. I want to see what the next color is going to look like, so I have a feeling that it will be done before I know it.

I'm having so much fun with my knitting right now, I hope you all are.  And if you are not, you should be!  Knitting is suppose to be fun.

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