Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's A Quiet House Today

No little ones waking up.  We miss it.  But it was a great weekend for family.

Mona Lisa is growing so fast!  She now is eating real, but really healthy and organic food whenever possible.  Fresh fruit, no processed foods.  I might have to adopt her food philosphies.

She is still crawling around and VERY inquisitive.

She will stand with help but still not ready to take off on her own.

She has the cutest smile and has her four front teeth!

My great- niece was her yesterday to visit too.  Baby Boy A ( Mona Lisa's Dad) is on the left with Bella and Baby Boy B is on the right with his niece Mona Lisa.  I cannot wait to see these two little girls at Christmas and in the Spring together, won't that be fun when they both are toddling around!

So, now I am looking towards Fall and Christmas.  I think these two little lovelies need a knitted sweater for Fall!  Into the yarn room, I go today.

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