Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Website

I am having so much fun!

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that I could listen in my car through Bluetooth, audio books that were on my IPhone.   Actually, that is not true.  I knew I could, I just thought that it would cost me money to do this and I wasn't 100% sure that I knew what I was doing.

Then, I was going down the road, messing with going from a CD to a local radio station when I happened onto options and I pressed it.  All of a sudden, my audio book from audible, was playing while I was going down the road.  How cool.

After finishing a book this week, I was, yet again, messing around with it, and voila, a podcast that I listen to every so often on our way to Iowa with my headphones on.  You have to check Benjamin out-

This week I have listened to his interview with Susan B. Anderson and today started listening to the interview with Franklin Habit.  What fun!  I even find myself doing the speed limit just to hear more of the interviews.

You really need to check this one out!  I am lovin it.

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